Things you need to know about this blog

  • The general non-running public thinks there is nothing more insufferable than a runner talking about running. In fact, I think the general running public agrees with this sentiment. Yet, lots of people seem interested in reading about running. I have no idea why this is
  • I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a long time, but have never pulled the trigger. Writing is very personal and sharing that writing is unnatural for me. Even if a blog post is about a pair of running shoes, when I publish it I feel like I’ve just taken you on a tour of my bedroom
  • Sharing the blog with strangers is much easier than sharing with friends. I’m pretty okay with a bunch of strangers I’ll never actually meet thinking I’m stupid / vain / a bad writer
  • I have no goal for this blog. I’m not trying to attract readers and I’m not trying to score free gear. I’m writing because it’s fun. If people read it and find it interesting, I may write more
  • The blog is about how I see the world, especially as it relates to running. These are personal thoughts and views. I’m not a running coach or a doctor – I’m not even a particularly good runner. I’m jotting down thoughts, mostly unedited, and I’m guessing the quality reflects this
  • Sometimes I’ll write things that aren’t (or are only tangentially) about running. Feel free to skip
  • There are lots of great running blogs out there, many of which are well better than mine and written by more knowledgeable people. I’ll often link to or otherwise point you in the direction of the writers I admire