The ideal running WAG


So I’ll acknowledge up front that this is a bit of a self-indulgent post. Self indulgent because I believe that:

1) having a wife or girlfriend (or boyfriend) who supports your running in just the right way is critical to a successful relationship and a successful run;

2) there are a few easily-identifiable but under-appreciated criteria that separate the good running WAGs from the not good running WAGs

3) that I happen to have the best running WAG out there, Awesome Wife Kelly

Note: We here at Run David Run are not sexist or any other ist, so far as we know. HABs are equally judged along the following criteria.

So here goes. Running WAGS should:

  • Be supportive: Getting out of bed at 6 AM to go on a long run is hard. Abstaining from alcohol the night before is lame. A supportive WAG who doesn’t hassle you (too much) makes these things much easier
  • Be interested: Showing genuine interest in what is probably a pretty boring story is priceless. I’m telling the story because I’m excited about it and I know nobody else will care. It’s nice to have a WAG who is the ONE person in the world who does


    Post-race support

  • Know when to pretend to be interested: It’s simply not possible for anybody, no matter how much they love you, to actually be interested in a five minute discussion of different methods to tie your shoes to reduce arch pain. Sometimes it’s okay to nod and look attentive while you’re really planning out your weekend in your head
  • Have a firm leash / strong backhand when needed: Sometimes we become too self-obsessed. It is also your job to keep us in check
  • Be a great cheerer: Screaming our names, making signs, acting like getting a PR is the most important thing in the world. These things make a huge difference for us. If you don’t run you may not know how important it is to look forward to a great reception at mile 22, but it really, genuinely is

    This time the whole family came to cheer

    This time the whole family came to cheer

  • Be awesome

Unrealistic, but possible extra credit:

  • Be an awesome cook
  • Be okay listening to audio books about running
  • Don’t scream about sweaty running clothes taking over the bedroom

Thanks to Awesome Wife Kelly for embodying all of these things and many, many more



  1. Ruaca · January 10, 2015

    OMG, that is perfectly said. In my blog you just commented on I was dealing with an unsupportive partner (my running talk is boring to him) I was basically writing in code though.. ha ha. Yes, its nice to have someone to share your passion with. Glad you have one!


  2. Joey · February 3, 2015

    Probably why I haven’t had a successful relationship! The last one was bored listening to Ultrarunner Podcast and complained about the clothes hanging on every door nob.


    • golddh · February 3, 2015

      I feel like you’ve got your priorities straight!


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