Running resources and reads

There are so many great resources and blogs out there that adding one more to the mix (mine) seems pretty silly. Regardless, I’ve done it and if you’re reading this, then at least I may be able to turn you on to some great resources and fun blogs out there.


Marathon Guide

Their race calendar and user commentary are basically the (marathon) industry standard and their map is soooo much fun to play around with. Whenever I’m looking for a race at a certain time of year the first thing I do is head to this site, narrow down my options, then go to the racer reviews to see what’s good.

Map My Run

One of those sites that is just so awesome that every time I use it I think back to the days before science and apps and GPS satellites made magic possible. I get that in the age of Google maps it’s not such a revelation any more, but seriously – I can find the exact distance of any run with just a couple of clicks on the map – to top it off, it follows logical road routes. Don’t be so jaded folks, the world is an astonishing place.

Hal Higdon marathon training programs

I don’t know if Hal Hidgon’s programs are the gold standard, but they’re certainly the most frequently used and are time and mile tested. I’ve followed a slightly modified Advanced 2 training previously. In my opinion it’s a bit light in mileage and maybe a bit slow in some of the speed work, but overall a great place to start.

Ultra training programs

While marathon training programs are becoming a dime a dozen, good ultra training programs are both rarer and harder to separate from some of the more mediocre stuff. This is a good overview of several programs to let you get your feet under you and start to think about what works for you. Many of these are way too intense for me, but then again I’m kind of fragile.

Ultrarunning’s race calendars

If you run ultras or even think about running ultras, you should subscribe to Ultrarunning magazine. These people dedicate a ton of time to covering a niche sport that will almost certainly make them no money ever. If you must, think of it as a donation. This link is to their race calendar, which is a super helpful resource.


Sabrina Little’s blog

Sabrina is an awesome runner and a really fun writer. She mostly focuses on excellent race logs, with just enough of the personal stuff thrown in to make it more broadly interesting. My only complaint is that she doesn’t update enough…come on Sabrina, your public is impatient.

Sweaty Emily

Emily loves running and beer and apparently, sweating. The first two make a pretty great combination and her writing reflects what a fun person she must be. I also like her because she’s a long-time marathoner who’s just moving up to ultras and she’s very fast, but not elite, so her stuff is relatable.

A great, but mostly under the radar site, this is more an on-line magazine than a blog. It tends to have somewhat more serious articles with more serious runners in mind. Let’s just say that it eschews some of the fluffier material that some more mainstream offerings focus on. It relies on galleries (requiring lots of clicking) more than I appreciate, but I guess it’s hard to complain given the amount of high quality content available for free.

Ultra Runner Joe

This is a gear heavy site, with lots of very helpful product reviews. If you’re interested in a new piece of gear he’s probably got a thorough description for you. I found this site when I was looking for the dirt on some new Hoka’s and of course he had the most informative post out there.


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